Laura Straub interviewed Christopher DeWeese & me for Creative Loafing

Have you fallen into similar writing habits or do you leave one another to your own devices?

Heather Christle: I usually write in the morning.

Chris DeWeese: I also write in the morning, but am open to writing throughout the day.

HC: You didn’t really write in the morning when we first met.

CD: Yes. I think that seeing Heather’s consistency with her writing process inspired me to begin with my own morning writing regimen.

HC: Plus, I wake you up sometimes. I am noisy.

CD: I feel like it’s important, when we’re writing, that we can’t see each other.

HC: Or hear each other eating cereal.

CD: And when you finish a poem you read it out loud very quietly to yourself, thinking that I can’t hear you.

HC: But you can hear me. And then I come and show it to you anyway. So I guess we are not that great at leaving each other to our own devices.

The whole interview is here. (Next week Chris & I, along with Mark Leidner, are heading to Atlanta & Savannah for a couple of readings. I have never been so excited to be warm.)

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