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Remember the Flying Object raffle I was telling you about? Here is some evidence of prizes, compiled by Christopher DeWeese, who is feeling really good about people. If you want to buy tickets, go here.

Whether you live near or far you can help celebrate Flying Object’s 3rd birthday

On October 13, there’s going to be an enormity of wonder at 42 West Street in Hadley, Massachusetts, including a spectacular raffle. The prizes have yet to be announced, but from the rumblings I’ve heard, they are going to be very excellent. If you can attend the event itself you will also be privy to further awesomeness, including FORTUNE-TELLING by someone whose name I DON’T KNOW IF I’M YET ALLOWED TO SAY.

If you are far you can still participate (and support FO) by buying raffle tickets. To learn more about the readings, art shows, performances, workshops, etc., that Flying Object offers, go here.